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The goal of speech and language therapy is to develop communication and oral motor skills. Our speech and language therapists work to strengthen your child’s speech, receptive language, expressive language, and pragmatic language through the use of an individualized plan of care. In addition to communication, our speech therapists can help if your child is having difficulty with feeding or swallowing. Our speech therapists have training in the DIR Floortime (evidence-based treatment for Autism). Common conditions and diagnoses that our therapists are experienced in treating include:  

  • Speech and language delays

  • Receptive and expressive language disorders

  • Articulation and phonological disorders

  • Apraxia of speech 

  • Fluency disorders

  • Central auditory processing 

  • Executive functioning 

  • Social-emotional and social skill development 

  • Autism spectrum disorder 

  • Selective or difficulty feeding

  • Oral motor difficulties

  • Swallowing

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